I was told to be proud of my scars. To have a life tattoo on my skin is not something you should hide. 

Ok I feel that. Body shaming etc but as I play a new mini game in life the ageing game. I see I have many scars now and no not all scars should be exposed to promote no shame of self. 

Some of my scars were bad times and regretted and left more than a scar. 

I sat with my cub and see how perfect their new un scared skin that has scars. 

Suddenly I feel distaste for scars. Remembering a friend at school that had a scar on her face and the things that other kids would say to her. I hope my cubs don’t have too many scars already! 


My cubs needed needles and machines to stay a live aeconds after my they left my body. Hands, feet, hernia, ultraceal, extra finger, stopped breathing, hospital admits for illness and accidents. 

My husband has scars too. I ask about them when I explore them with touch. Reminds me of a scene from a movie, Bronson. 

” where did you get that scar?”


“And this one?”


I married me a London street fighter and that feels me with pride. 

Do people ask about scars now? Or do we display them and people perhaps instantly understand? 

The tattoo- 

is this not a fanatic way to acknowledge loved ones, passions, ownerships? and to show others who you are and what you are about? So cleaver and some are so beautiful! 

Most tattoos have some meaning behind it. Linked to some nostalgic moment in our life. Would you simply let someone draw random shit on your skin ? The pain and cost allows for choice. 

What if when I met someone an image flashed up inside me. And I described it to someone artistic and they draw that on to their skin? 

How many would punch my lights out! 

Nothing nasty lol I may be an arsehole but I am not a fucking arsehole! 

Something positive, powerful, to remind them strength and to not give up or to remember to trust who they are. 

It’s easy to forget that stuff these days. The scars can remind us who we were even if you have spent your life trying to run away. The scars won’t ever let you us. I want to be able to embrace my scars but want my kids not to get too scared too quickly leaves me feeling hypocritical. 

Everything is changing and people are learning to have a broader view point. 

When the scars you have stop you wearing certain garments because you don’t want the scars to be seen by everyone. Twinge of pain and regret.


The people that spent their whole life’s protecting you are the same people you’ll spend the rest of their life’s protecting them. 




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