I here by claim and own the following statement. 

I’m human I judge. 

Should this be a thing we apologise for? When we blatantly do it all day long? In a life that has become more accepting of awareness, the first thing we do now is to judge. 

Such an understood meaning of the word it feels. 

Judge the weather. Judge your mood. Judge their mood. Judge the finances, restaurant, movie reviews, food, drink, tv show, how something makes you feel. How someone makes you feel, think and act. And many more! People that have spent their lives trying not to then find they don’t or can’t trust their own judgment. Seen questions up on a group of 200 + seemingly like minded people? To help the conflict of their gut perhaps. 

Ever been swayed by someone else’s opinion? I have and sometimes it worked out fine and sometimes not so much. Everyone’s idea of feeling they get off such judgement is different so everyone needs to feel their own response to things. Trust their own judgment from the life they have learned from. 

Should I apologise that once I turned 18 I had the right to treat, judge, do or don’t do what was expected of me before I was adult? Should I apologise for seeing the world differently to the ones that laid the Foundations for not judging and just trusting their judgment? 

How I see something or something will only be my view on it. I can’t collectively tell my children what and how the world and everything in it should feel. As that’s how it feels to me. 

I laid the foundations of principle, trust, honesty, awareness, control, family and responsibility. 

He hasn’t got to like some of the stuff I’ve laid but I also show him how and why I see it like that and that he might feel something different towards it. 

Encouraging him to judge for himself. 

Encouraging judgment. 

I’m human I Judge. It’s how we survive. 

Sometimes I judge you but only because I am trying to understand me. That I can apologise for but I accept a lot too with this way of thinking. 

That’s change and everyone’s misunderstanding what the change needs to be. 


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