Feels like tv

That’s it, that’s all I got. 

Life- feels like tv. Feels like we are watching fiction on tv but it’s truer to real life than people want to admit. One thing I learned a long time ago was that an amicable person will have to, lie, fake, distrust, dislike, refuse people’s company, murders, killing, bombing, poor dying. I’ll be here all day! 

Look at me sitting here looking for a child friendly tv show or channel to have on while I sit comfortably playing dominos and/or cars with my toddler. Tom and Jerry! Oh my favourite! Keep that on. So I just watched my toddler learn to cut a cats tail! Awesome! 

Moving on baby tv! Excellent. Toddler is instantly responsive! Phew 

Get to two o’clock 

Get to two o’clock 

Get to two o’clock!!!

It’s 9.41! 

Get to two o’clock! 

So baby TV being brb

Back. Lightning McQueen won the car race! Blogging while being a mummy. I had to explain mummy shaming to someone the other day. People looking to Scrutinise the wrong parts of parenting! 

How many times have I asked myself, how do they do it? What are they doing to have kids that look like they gave birth to all the kids in, we are going on a bear hunt!

Brb, had to stop toddler throwing tablet. Anyway I see that Baby TV has not got much TV in its baby TV. 

My toddler must learn 50-60% of how to be from the TV that has been running in the back ground since his birth. 

Dear baby TV program developers! Kids need to see what’s now! A tv, phone that looks like a phone! 

Case in point 

Outdated? No one cares what it’s not teaching the kids if today? 

Playing on a seasaw in the park with daddy after playing peek a book in the sandpit with mummy. 

Do not even get me started on parks around here! 

Is that someone’s real life? Perhaps but it’s not mine! No wonder my child has so much expectations of dadda! He has been shown a trailer that suggests so much fun and tv or phone or tablet! ( paw patrol) he likes the dogs! Expectations not always possible for some to even try and relate to. 

It makes me sad that they learn so much from the screens in our life’s. So much mummy shaming and worry, anxiety amongst parents now. The tv is showing us all what way to sway. Talk about terrorist attack? Any news is blasted into our faces on LCD, 4 K, curve 78″ screen! 

I know – zero people that don’t have a TV. 

I know a few that don’t have smart phones but have laptop, computer, tablet at home. Even the oldies!

My TV is 55″ and we have surround sound. I’d like to move past pointing and saying it’s not up to date life’s it’s programs need a touch up! I’d like to move on to what would be nice to see on the TV


Help my child independence in the right way. He needs to know I need to pee, drink, eat, move away from him for a few minutes in the day. 

Teach them danger sign teach the trust in a realistic way.

Help my kid see mummy uses technology and they will too. Teach them it’s ok to want to play alone. Let them see it’s ok to cry but how to self calm. Show them life ain’t this well bullshit on the TV! Please life is like TV but not baby TV! They live in la la land. 

I hate watching mr tumbles. He weirds me out. But I’ll let my son watch it. As it’s truer to life that any of the other perfectly watchable programs. * cough* 

My oldest – why did you burn the bacon? With a look of disgust. I laugh. Well I say, I am having salad later. Do you know what salad tastes like? Mumble

“Tastes like how grass smells!  so I  am going to put crispy bacon over my salad. Oh mumble mumble 

Got to go now being asulted for being on my screen! 


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