click click click, Live poker

Click clikc clikcerly click! Its Sunday and it’s a rare opportunity to get to play poker most days but today I know! I am in for a win! I picked my game, registered and paid for. It’s only a little shit game but the pay-out is high as it’s a fight till the death. So, it’s just a case of catching the greedy fuckers!

getting ready to play. run around getting the little shit jobs done so I can play and not half arse it. I iam i can half arse it and win  at the start but not when it gets into the money! quickly roll the joint and have it ready. I have both won and lost games while both dry and wet. however, when wet I play a bit more aggressive and these games always in this face off and so basiccilly this would be the point i’d shit the bed and practily hand the 100 bucks to the other player cos i lost my shit!

The poker room

Not how posting a pic can be harmful but it’s out there. Message me if I should remove it. Or any others!

Figured I would blog my poker aspect of me. I am a complicated teddy.

Ha it has begun!

Playing poker has been a thing of mine for a few years now. I can play and I am better than this crappy 2 quid game. However, saying that. First hand is AA and all in I go… I win take some poor chap out of it. So, everyone knows now I am jam. They might not beat against me. Folding my shit and have established a respect amongst this table of players.

If you play poker you know you can be moved several times and meet the same players later in the final. This is good start.

Not unbeatable. But it was a fair but almost cheeky win that he shouldn’t have bet so high with such shit then hit on the river. Cue PZV – a dick. that’s see if he moved on or off…

his moved and I have new poker friends. going to switch from desktop computer to just my laptop so post i will and changing i’ll make.. stay tunned…


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