the Letter

My Name Sucks

420 My Road Sucks

Sucks vile


SS88 pop



Rent reference; my reference

Please find attached copies of ID and signed letter for the name on my rent account.


Dear sirs,

I am writing to you today with a simple request put into writing. I have many issues I need to log and so I felt this might be a less irritating and truthful request.

Could you please have someone assess my property for a brand-new kitchen, bathroom and down stairs bathroom suite. Please.

I feel this request is time appropriate not because ‘I want a new kitchen and bathroom.’ My family and I need the Kitchen. Bathroom and downstairs bathroom to be replaced and soon.

Everything was slowing and not working properly and now everything is breaking. I won’t bore you with my begging and justifying of such request but I will.

Due to a recent wake, up call in life. My husband and I have seen some errors in our lives and have woken to change them. So, in turn means we feel we have a second chance to live. My Husband has suffered mental health problems for years and is planning on returning to work. Even though he recently passed his assessment for continued ESA claim. My duties as a wife have changed and I have more time to look after our home. I have come to notice that some things have been left and although that could be something that by admitted I could delay my request. I hope you don’t use it against me. I can only apply that I did not care hole heartedly about house fitting and stuff. Having considered a new kitchen I have seen just how much they cost and I apricate that the giving out of new kitchens and bathrooms is a push. So, we ask that you please consider my request. I have listed below all the current issues that I will have to report online or via the phone for fixing if the request is denied.

  • Tap fittings 6 – rusting, damaged surroundings’. (Picture included.)
  • Tap pipes – they run under tiling and they move when they shouldn’t. (Picture included)
  • Back of toilet downstairs. Overflow pipe leaking into bathroom, damaging floor and wall. (picture included) Visual from outside property (picture included)
  • Sink seals are rotten next to wood sideboards. ( picture included)
  • Something that will help keep my wall cupboards on the wall. Seriously it’s like watching tipping point!
  • All kitchen cupboards. They are 2 and a half decades old and are feeling their age. They are breaking and could fall on to any one of my children at any point.
  • Tiling, everywhere that is near the taps or pipes.
  • Kitchen floor, tiling is chipped and broken, leaving sharp flooring. (picture included)
  • Bath, seals are rotten or have had to be removed leaving leakage damage to surroundings.
  • An additional mains water point in the kitchen.
  • 8 new plug units and an addiction 4 to be added.
  • Back gate, needs replacing as unsafe and hazardous.

That is all I have right now. I will update as and when.

Thank you for your time and I hope that you will consider my request.

Kind Regards




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