pills pills pills

More drugs, more supports, more waiting for a referral to hand specialist. Probably a hand op again and not looking forward to such drama. 

Last hand done was my right hand and the not being able to do what I could normally do almost sent me over the edge! The prospect of it being my right hand again, which had 75% of my pain most of the time while in use is resting heavily on my mind. My left that causes alday constant run of pain with lightening strikes sporadically is just as concerning! 

Life with hands that hurt is durable but no hand and sharp pain and cutting recovery is not appealing but the pain has moved up two notches in the last 5 months! 

Up to 8 tramadol a day as well as ibuprofen or paracetamol on top of my usual meds. Struggling to drive after 6 in a day so fuck 8! 

Blood test and time on the cards. One of a few fun things happening right now in Teddy’s corner. 

Pills pills pills 


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