aside BUTT

so here we are a Saturday early afternoon and my day seems to have the focus of the butt. my butt, butts in general. the like a ability of a butt or people who act like butt holes! Forgive my restraint in this blog I am trying a new thing where I don’t cuss in a blog as I would from my cake hole! anyway. Bumholes!

If you are still with me then cool! I posted a blog about a£$hole level 4.5 not 2 hours ago from my phone. Now I am on the home computer ( more music to write to)  and after a stupid 45 minute ordeal to log in to word press! Finally I am here and I see a community post about writing a blog in response to the word perfume . Simply post a blog!

OKAY! I do that daily these days but ok I got something. I throw my hat in the ring if you will.

Will I be good enough for community? Will I enertain but keep you engaged ? I think only 7 people have ever read my blogs so I am not over reaching my hand!

Today I purchased something for adults. I do not need to go into detail. BUTT again with the butthole!

So on further fascination of my own, I wondered how I might ‘pretty up‘ this, often quite feared and recoiled part of the body.

bleaching? would I really? perfume? creams? Makes plans to see about thatanother time!!

So there it is blogging community. I could probably write you a story about any old word you choose. I can’t say it would be a good piece of writing but holy gumballs (<-) I do love to write. I feel connected.

Writers Writer



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