status A%#hole Level 4.5

So I am an arsehole. Shocker, but on the scale of arseholes I am only about a 4. Maybe! We’ll see!

If Donald trump was a 10

And ‘the average’ full term newborn baby is a 1 

You can see where I am and you can gage my annoying personality and if I rate higher or lower than 4.5.

I know a few solid 5’s personally but I can only tell you of people I feel are total arseholes! 

News media has worked its magic on me of course I am heavily influenced by the news and social media. So if it was the plan of such agencies to show why I should hate someone. Congratulations it worked!

Hate list 2017

Couple of chaps in paralament, couple world leaders, couple of annoying super star idols that everyone knows everything about. Couple of local residents and a uncategorised selection of people that kill, hurt, rob etc..

Can I honestly say I am not a good judge of character? No? I don’t know? I normally sense something off with someone. I get a vibe from people in person and via text and when I see them. 

Don’t be mistaken by thinking I simply see  one program and read half an article about someone and quickly decide the level of atseholeyness. 

Truth be told I normally get a little obsessed with news of them. Once I keep sensing them in the same way I cut off. 

Then I lose interest in them brand them an intolerable arse hole give em a level of arseholeyness and move on.

Forgive me for I judge arseholeyness level 3! 

Being fake-o-meter! There are things and people or trends or life style choices you just can not like or fake liking!  When the jury is out it’s out! Going to take some massive life changing shit to change that level disinterested-o-meter! Being fake tho that seems to be a thing now. The fake like is the sociopath in me. And probably in you! 

Sadly there is and always will be situations that require this sneaky people pleaser attributes! This is not a bad thing and that’s what I struggle with! 

How can someone straight up and be deceptive and in retrospect disingenuous?! That is the definition of fake is it not? 

The fake the floods the internet. English soaps can do one! A drama I can do, medical, factual, fiction, adventure yes. Some American tv shows! Nooo the influence that these interests and actors have on the everyday person is shocking! 

Idolise an actor and you will always be the audience. Then everyone wants to act! Again being fake being an evolved sociopath?

Trouble is I pride myself on trying not to be a hypocrite and a liar I want to be straight up with people. No time to mess with feelings and headspace so I find the bits of people I like. I then focus on that so generally like that one or (many) thing in a person.  I try not to be a full on fake. The fake-o-Meter level 4.5! For others I have people in my life that are also gaged by the like-o-meter, rude-o-meter and barstard-o-detector! 

Tolerance level 4

Simply having to turn off a song, tv program or tv show, movie, comedian, celebrities news, news feeds being hidden from view is now an acceptable way of life. 

The tolarance allows choice. Who can I ignore without them getting upset.  We have to tolerate things around us regardless! Sociopath alert!! Bosses, counter staff in local convenience stores, inlaws, outlaws and family, neighbours cat, etc..

I have family members that ain’t on my friends list! Who knows if that’s me or them but regardless it’s become ok to practically snub your blood realations. My nans and grandads would roll in their place of rest to see such disrespectful shit! 

Old school attributes! Level 7.5

Not everyone will be liked by everyone. Some people just ain’t your cup of tea. I don’t think many people take to me. Bit like marmite I think. But being as I still question my essence in previous post ‘ who am I.’ How could I expect anyone to know and like me with the constant hop from one foot to another! 

How I can be so absolutely sure there are people that only warrant an eye roll when mentioned to half deciding how much I like myself!? Questioning the sociopath in me as a negative is bullshit. Being a level 5 sociopath means your safe to go out in public and not be a super arsehole level 10! This attribute is a positive influence when Pertrayed in the right manner!
It’s a true fact that you really do have to look at yourself these days. The second you are given the choice between being fake and being related or plain rude. That’s when people should pull out that mirror and ask themselves who are they?! But like I said, being an arsehole up to a level 4/5 is acceptable these days. Not always tolerated tho.

I love people and I hate that I am far far far from perfect or where I would like to be. But people should start accepting their own level of arseholeyness. Some people really don’t see it! 

Ignorance level 2 

It’s a safe place iggieville. Live in a bubble, controlled etc..

Some people’s ignorance is funny and has made them famous! We live in a world where be being on a ‘real life’ show can bring you into a fame circle! Being an arsehole can work in your favour! Being an ignorant arsehole! Shit you are practically presidential! 

Allowing Influence level 8  

I watch TOWIE right as I like to see what is being portrayed to the nation. Shame it’s scripted sometimes. Got some awesome people on there and some right 6’s and 7’s.

MTV pop culture level 10! 

Changing the level of arsehole is achievable. Change is essential always different, choices, chances, mistakes, unlucky situations, life is always in a moving motion so yes the scale can be changed, if you want to of course. 

Actions/ reactions 

The actions of people change things   Sometimes action is the only thing that is required to make the difference. Anyone can chat shit. World is full of actors, some of them are true sociopaths but only an acceptable level 2-3. But entertainment all the same. 

Actor level – in construction.

Reality tv shows, show us how you can be a lovable rough or a cheeky chappy And more vulnerable exposure to the real them can change a media influence or idea of that person. Changing the level of arseholeyness sometimes for the better sometimes not so much! 

Current arseholeyness 4.5 

I shouldn’t be allowed internet access! 

I think there is a DNA line of arseholeyness ‘knee jerk’ reaction. That’s my problem I can’t hide my first response as I want to just be me and not a bullshit sociopath version of myself. I admit it I know I say and do and react in an absolute appalling way. I am working on that!  But everything on my entertainment intests wants and asks me for a reaction of them, a post, a blog, a meme, a picture etc…

If you want people to lie well done! Making more liars, society trending humans! 


Been sitting around letting everyone know their own arsehole level without asking first if they want to see it from my eyes.

 Arseholeyness level 4.5



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