It’s ok to change.

Change your mind,

change your opinion,

change behaviours,

Change how you feel,

Change how to think.

There will always be change that’s how we evolve. I couldn’t stay where I was I had to change something. So I changed this and that and this and gained so much from the little changes!

Positive changes. Eye opening changes, changes that bring on anxiety.

Working out what causes what and how to move past it has become a daily thing I started to do automatically but harder more recently.

People made an impact on my life and changed how I see things. Challenging my own fears and feeling all the time. What I have taken away from this is when you surround yourself with the same people all the time you’ll only know yourself in those surroundings.

Changing situations and trying new directions allowed me to see a different side of myself.

I embraced this new me. I liked how I was feeling the change was brilliant.

Little bit of a come down as there is a new shift happening. A new change that leaves me in no mans land. I am not here alone but I wasn’t expecting to feel that burst of anxiety on top of a mood struggle.

Hoping I don’t fall backwards and the shift is an onward and upward change. But I need to accept that if it don’t work out as planned there are options.

This change will not kill or hurt any of my loved ones.

What’s the worst thing that could happen, continued evolution of life.


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