Post from 2011

He seemed to be walking at a steady pace since he stepped off the train. He carried on walking, in the same direction as me. I was not following him! I watched as he was walking a head of me. He suddenly stopped, in the middle of the sidewalk. Ooo caught me off guard but I quickly side stepped and carry on walking. Maybe he sussed out I was looking at his arse for the last 10 minutes. Nah can’t be. He probably just needed to find his phone.
Weird feeling, feels like there is someone following me now. I am so paranoid. I glance left and hope my peripheral vision don’t fail me. I see a tall, dark person behind me. Yep it is him. Fuck! Concentrate on walking, concentrate on not falling over your own feet and smashing your face in to the side walk and your teeth coming out your head. Concentrate! Don’t slide over on some dog shit. Don’t trip over a crack. Don’t hunch over as your concentrating on your feet. Keep your back straight and your head up but keep an eye on the floor. Quick glance over to the left, his still behind me. God I wonder what he is thinking while he stares at my back. Omg! I hope I have not got a square of melted chocolate smeared over the arse of my jacket. Fighting the urge to rub my hand behind me to check. To check my skirt is not tucked into my knickers.


My hands feel like they should be doing something. I look down at my hands and start to fidget. My ankle wobbles on the heel of my shoe, shit! So busy fanning about my hands I almost fell over. I can’t do this. Slowing my walk down, I move over to the window of a store. Not looking into the store but looking at the reflection in the window. He carries on walking past. That’s better! I turn and continue to walk behind him. Not sure what store window I just pretended to look into. I start to panic, it was probably a fucking sex shop or something knowing my luck. I quickly glance back to check. Nope it was a store that made furniture. Phew!


He takes the next corner and I am happy, I am heading that way as well. I wonder how tall he is, 6’2 maybe. He has a nice arse – staring! His walk slows and without thinking mine does to. He stops in front of me and I stop to. He quickly spins around and I hold my breath. He looks right at me, his face welcoming – a smile – at me? Really? He looks like he is going to say something. Shall I say something? He draws in a breath his eyes continue to look at mine as he starts to talk.


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