O.C.D ain’t a thing it’s a way of life! If you ask me more people should have a strain of OCD injected into their DNA!

The world has been brought to its brittle knees with clear cut and sharp edges! If it’s not a way of life now and you are weird if you don’t show a bit of OCD then why oh why is everything being put into neat tidy places in a clever and precise way?

Seriously! Being crisp and restored is the new trend. From hair ( remember messy perms?) to flooring and grass! I curtsy at you cleansed and scrubbed world. You are both rough and smooth at the same time!

I literally just cut up the most perfect fries. All the same size and length!

I too have yealded to its OCD becoming! I get excited about purchase that provide me with very Pristine, hygienic, orderly  and immaculate results!  I guess this is how men feel about gadgets, phones, consoles and cars!

I used to enjoy the orderly look but then I fell in the clutter! I have had to be a ruthless cut throat bitch to polish up my act. Not sure if I can pun my way out this post but I’ll see how it scrubs up!

The one that now can vote is living in their room and I think I am looking at 3-4 bags coming out that room. I know the flippant ‘tidy’  ( decontaminate ) of that room will not be at an acceptable ‘tidy.’

I am sure everyone has had the stink eye with another persons idea of ‘I’ve finished.’ You know what! Good there should be more of that and so I shall stand like a mum, hands on hips and arms folded as I point out all the missed bits and flaws in the tidy and cleanliness of that room. In the hope that it will pass down and maybe that will stick for later life! I hope!

And on that note I have 4% on my battery and some cilitbanging to do.

OCD people I wave my marigolds goodbye. For now.



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