It was a busy one and lots of people that haven’t been around for a while. The ‘all together’ in the same place played a part in my feelings the weekend.

I can’t put my finger on it. Lie. I probably could but would mean I would have to give a few people a negative review on their warped self righteous bullshit!

Let’s just say I see a few things I’ve seen before in other people and I secretly kept my cool and used it to play the silly card.

I guess it is true what people say about getting to know someone. I thought I knew how deep they ran. I was a little surprised and a little ahhh ok makes sense now.

That feeling you can feel about people was a bit distorted. I think I have been distorting my own feelings for a long time.

I read a blog about why people should understand anxiety and how others should read it to understand how a loved one might be feeling. Helpful for some but pointless for the 3inchers.

I call them 3 inchers as for me I feel they are only 3 inches deep. Everyone has a level and some people are 7’s and 8’s normally the older someone gets the deeper their inches go.

Most 3ichers don’t give a real fuck. They can fake give a fuck but sometimes that’s for the other persons benefit or the 3 incher just wants an easy route.

So the weekend went well and laughed so hard I cried and loved so hard I glowed. I spent everything we had and it paid off. It was great, insightful.

Now to sleep it off!



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