So some nights are great some are a bit meh sometimes they can be one of those kinda evenings that have you awake from excitement and happiness!

Narcissistic one

What I think others are thinking about their evenings.

‘Omg at her today…’

‘That bitch just posted another thing about the kids party on Facebook!’…

‘He’d rather play the fucking Xbox.’

‘Jesus you are killing your self.’

‘Send me games requests!’

Some likey souls are still out drinking, dancing, eating! Clubbing! Family meals- bar b q! It’s Easter! Everyone is having a blast right?


The Climax!

My Facebook feed

I do this to authenticate my post tonight time and content.

Had a quick flip down the status’s and I see shit! Crap and bollocks! So much so that I can’t even tell you anything that caught my eye! Is Facebook boring or are people slowly becoming civilised social media users? Seems like.

People moaning! Peoples opinions! People’s ideals, things of interest. Meh

Me- tonight.

Facebook asks, what’s on your mind?

my husband fucked me in the arse and I successfully hit a new level of climax.👍🏻

Yea. Stick that on the faceache and get constant agg!

But I got to say.. my new level climax was oh my fucking god!

My piercings went fucking wild and made it so much more intense! Now I understand why some people have lots of piercings!

No details ya pervs! None of your business.

Put that on ya Facebook status mother fucker!



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