Fitbit non dominant

So in a space of three days I have gone from going in daily to the app and resetting my daily steps goal. To not realising my battery died and I had no idea when it died.

I’ve got so used to wearing it now that it’s not putting any real pressure on me to move. Did I not feel a reminder buzz at all today?

I have a tan line where my bracelet has been! When the honk honk did it die? Did I feel it yesterday? Did I even check it yesterday? Did I even get my steps in? OMG what have I been doing to just forget! Step goals?

I don’t think I joined any challenges this week so all the notifications would of filled up my phone. I normally get embarrassed by my Fitbit friends most days. I do better than I ever did before so I don’t tend to worry about winning but like to try and do more if I can. But not this weekend!

Hummm maybe I need to up my buzz to remind me to move more violent and frequent.

There would be a ‘ don’t bother me it’s a Sunday, Easter or Xmas ‘ option so that thing can stay in the bedroom! Everyone needs one day off!

As she sits thinking about Easter eggs!

I really do need to stop having three or four days of ‘one bad day’!

Fitbit non dominant

By Teddy


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