Me? I am a teddy bear me!

Ok short quick fire introduction!

I’ve done stupid shit. I’ve hurt people, lied and stolen. Ive seen wicked things and done wicked things. I’ve drank and smoked, swore, gambled and eaten at an ridiculous rate!

I am a mother but feel like I grew up with my oldest. I am a sister, a daughter, an auntie and a god mother. I am a friend or I am not.

Bit like marmite unless I sip a little sociopath!

I am strong and opinionated. I love psychology and writing. I enjoy funny things, stuffies, music and sport!

I have medicine that changes my mood.

I like what I like and have great debate for the things I hate! I have old school principals and as an adult I have scruples about most things.

I have a lot of sides to my personality and feel them with characters that I like to write about. Might sound lame but it helps me function and helps me identify my true and honest feelings.

I don’t plan on being some famous person but it would be nice to have some readers!

Maybe a follower or two. I’d love to finish my manuscript and get it sent somewhere to find out if it’s even worth trying to make a buck out of something I love to do! I feel I do alright but I do write for me.

This place, teddy’s Corner helps me dip my toe into creative writing! I’d love to have learned it more in depth! A degree of sorts.


Got the who and the why for now!


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