Inception- the starting point of an activity.

Life is inception. Once you start the ride there ain’t no getting off. You don’t get to choose your road to start. You just – start. Then 38 years later you understand life as a concept you accept it is flawed no end. You look for answers in the places you are drawn to or are lead to. You find new things you enjoy and make definitions on what you don’t like. You start to understand the psychology behind people and their behaviours. This narrative in its self is constantly changing.

Have you ever tried to stop something from happening and it feels like you are always ‘just’ stopping it and then one day you think why keep fighting? And you don’t stop it this time and you enter into a whole new place inside yourself?

If you have to work hard for something then great! If you worked and worked and still feel like its beating you. Let it take its chunk out of you – you’ll survive! And then move on!

My ride ain’t over but I could write daily about what I have learnt or explored and fought to accept.

I wish I could write to ‘you’ everyday. I wish I could pass it all on to ‘you’ but mostly I want ‘you’ to understand and hope I explain myself in a way that allows you to feel what I feel.

There is no ‘start of activity’ without the end of one.


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