Dirtbag – Published on 09/11/2011 16:27 British Summer Time

I could feel my consciousness coming back around. I didn’t want to open my eyes just yet, I could not hear very well. I could hear something but it was muffled. I thought back to the last thing I remember doing before I fell asleep. I remembered I didn’t just fall asleep and so lay very still. The pain in my head starts to creep in. first through my left ear then over my left eye and that is where the pain stayed. A hot, Sharpe pain. I could feel myself wincing. I tried to lift my hand up to the left side of my face but my arm didn’t want to obey me just yet. Sudden load muffles of noise and then I felt my whole body move in a quick motion. The splitting pain in my head went away for a second. It felt kind like pins and needles – fizzy before the pain came straight back with all its friends. I open my eyes but fail; I can only seem to open one eye, my right eye. It is blurred, stinging now it’s open. It’s very bright and my ears are still muffled like I am under water. I see a dark figure hover over me. funny taste in my mouth. Again I try and move my hand up to my face, this time with success. I look at my hand as it passes my eye line and it is covered in blood. My heart skips and then starts to race. The dark figure, which can only be him, starts to become a little clearer. A look of anger across their face. Almost snarling at me. I close my eyes and hold the left side of my head hoping for some relief from the splitting pain. More pain hits, this time around my mouth. I can feel the pressure of my cheeks against my teeth. My eyes snap open. Sending a wave of pain down the left side of my face and a stinging in my eyes I had never thought possible. My left eye closes while my hand rests over it. As this gives me some sort of relief. My right eye is open looking up at the man I thought I loved for a while; he had his hand over my mouth pushing his fingers into my cheeks. He is shouting. The muffled noise sounds like distorted music. I just lay looking up at him waiting for him to stop. Dare I say anything or move at this point. Don’t seem to matter anyway, I don’t do anything it pisses him off, I do and it pisses him off. I do wish he wouldn’t drink. I need to get away from this. His hand releases and he pushes my head back as he walks away. I pull myself up and steady myself before I walk the 20 steps to the bathroom. As I walk my ears pop and suddenly I can hear every single sound. Suppose I should see how bad it is this time. Still holding the left side of my face. I slowly move towards the mirror. Fuck.




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