So I sit here on a friday afternoon feeling pretty good about the little steps I took this week to progress on my writing. Although small steps. Steps all the same. Which more than I’ve managed in about 4 years. So I have lost some work and this is frustrating but  I set myself a challenge to rewrite the work I lost. I know what it was that was missing as I started to print up a manuscript and feel I am ready to carry on where I left off! I have some alone time coming up so I shall be taking full advantage of this!

I do not have much faith in my success. So much so that I am going to publish this post! Itwill probably go no where. My page wont get many likes once I pay for the page to be promoted via Facebook. I don’t feel it is ready to go public yet. I have started to move my work over from the other site. I won’t be re publishing all my previous work, just the ones I really loved doing and re reading. I am trying to keep my page as authentic as possible. The photo’s and quotes are orignal to me and my pictures to post them. I figured this was the safest bet before I get called a copy cat or commit a bit of plagiarism! I am still reading rules and help tips on all the nitty-gritty at the moment.

I am glad I am going to try this. I hope it works and I can get to write and people enjoy it and I get a few followers! just a couple I don’t want to be famous but I would love more opportunity to progress the stories I have stored up. I plan on re publishing a book of my writing in the next year. A book of short stories. ideally I would like to have some brainy person create an app so people can randomise the short stories that are read on timed journeys. #pipedreams. Ask me about autobiography in 2022 😉


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