As I stood with my back against the wall, I looked at all the couples that danced slowly together in the warmth of the red, green and blue disco lights, I couldn’t help but feel the pains of jealousy. I could see him at the bar. I ached for him to notice me. We hadn’t spoken 4 words to each other all night. I was avoiding him as I knew that I would be terribly obvious if I were to hover near him. I slowly pressed the straw to my lips as I took another slip of my drink. I quickly looked to see how much of the drink was left as then I would have the perfect excuse to go to the bar. Not even half full, for fuck sake. I can’t drink it straight down as I was on the verge of needing yet another wee. Having decided to wear the blue dress that needed the, ‘hold in tummy and bum’ shorts, a simple nip to the bathroom for a quick pee was unachievable. My eyes scanned the room. I had picked the perfect place to stand. I could see everyone entering and leaving. I could see the bar and I could see everyone that was dancing. My favourite thing to do was to watch people dance. Being a non drinker I have always found it highly amusing when drunken people get down and boogie. Give it another hour of the free bar and I am sure I’ll see someone try doing the worm!

wow -I love this song! I smiled as I found myself swaying from side to side. Fuck it I do love this song. I closed my eyes and start to remember the first time I ever heard the song and that for a number of months I was trying to find it, only I didn’t know what it was called or whom it was by. Finally a sentence of the lyrics came to me and thank you Google – I found the song and downloaded it before you could say snap!

I suddenly jumped and opened my eyes as someone tapped my right shoulder. I was so into my thoughts I had not noticed that he had walked up to me and was resting on the wall on the right, next to me with his drink in his left hand. I took in a deep breath and his scent squired around my head.  I fiddled with my straw as all of a sudden I become unable to talk. I looked up at him from facing down into my drink. His looking straight at me so I looked away and watched the  people dancing, I had stopped moving, in-fact I was ridged and it felt as if I could not move if I tried. I looked down at my feet checking that my dress was looking ok. Ok check. I started to fiddle with my hair, just making sure. I looked back at him and he was looking at me weird. Like he was waiting for me to say something, did he just ask me a question? Great now his going to think I am an ignorant twat. I looked up at him and smiled then I said, ‘what?’

He pushed himself off the wall and moved towards me. He placed his beer on the table that was on my left. He was very close to me. I felt myself leaning back. I was watching his every move with wide eyes. His hand moved towards my glass and I was staring as he gestured to take my drink. I slowly moved my glass towards his hand. He took my glass and placed it next to his on the table. Great now I have nothing to fiddle with. Feeling incredibly conscious of my hands I placed my hands behind my back and rest them palms down on the wall. Now he is standing right in front of me. I felt so nervous! He was not 12 inches away from me. I noticed just then how much taller than me, he was. I looked up at him.  I could see him getting ready to say something. I am examining his face, the colour of his skin, his clean shaven face, his lips, thin top lip and full bottom lip, his nose, straight and long, his hair, dark and full and how it flopped in front of his left eye. He shook his head and the hair moved back to the side, his eyes were deep blue.

The last time I was this close to him, those eyes were very annoyed with me. My stomach rolled and flipped and the buffer flies fluttered at the thought. He tilted his head to the right as he looked down at me. His eyebrows were lifted. I guess my feelings were written all over my face for him to see.

He moved closer to me, his eyes careful but welcoming. My heart squeezed. His hands brushed over my hips and before I could move he had taken my hands from the wall and was holding them in his hands. He looked at me and started to move back wards. He nodded his head towards to dance floor. I tugged back on his hand. Nooo Noooo dancing Nooo. He had his back to me but he looked over his shoulder and smiled, and like the idiot I followed. Fucking great – be careful what you wish for! I don’t know why but it felt like everyone was looking at us? He stopped in the middle of the dance floor; other couples were still dancing, slowly.

He turned to face me; he dropped my hand and slowly moved closer to me. His hands ran up the top of my arms then up to my shoulders and then, his finger tips ran up my neck. His fingers moved into my hair I looked up at him as I let out a deep sigh. He moved his head down and rubbed his nose slowly and gently against mine while he held my head in his hands. My hands naturally rose to his waist and I rested my hands there. was there even a song playing? I closed my eyes. Was this really happening? I felt his nose move from mine and his lips then pressed on mine. Not for long. I returned the kiss. His hands moved to the back of my neck then his fingers ran down the middle of my back. He moved left to right and I followed him. As his hands moved down to my waist my hands moved up his back and around his neck. I moved in closer to him. I don’t care now fuck it- if it is a dream, then it is not going to matter now anyway.
I could feel his hands at the top of my bum. I moved my fingers into his hair. I let my head fall back a little moving in time with him. I loved his smell and how his hair felt in my hands. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I rested my head to the right. Just then I felt his hot breath on my neck. He kissed my neck then his lips moved up towards my ear. His hands moved up my back, I noticed that the song was about to finish but before it did, he whispered in my ear….


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